Комикс поредици в интернет:)))

Литературни критики и възхвали. Всичко, което винаги сте искали да знаете за Даниел Стийл и Нора Робъртс, а ви е било срам да попитате :р
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Re: Комикс поредици в интернет:)))

Post by alshu » Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:52 pm

Да, имаше реклама и откъс вътре в Derelict.
Ще му хвърля едно око, като се натрупа.
The coffee had been steadily growing more and more execrable for the space of three weeks, till at last it had ceased to be coffee altogether and had assumed the nature of mere discolored water — so this person said. He said it was so weak that it was transparent an inch in depth around the edge of the cup. As he approached the table one morning he saw the transparent edge — by means of his extraordinary vision long before he got to his seat. He went back and complained in a high-handed way to Capt. Duncan. He said the coffee was disgraceful. The Captain showed his. It seemed tolerably good. The incipient mutineer was more outraged than ever, then, at what he denounced as the partiality shown the captain’s table over the other tables in the ship. He flourished back and got his cup and set it down triumphantly, and said:

“Just try that mixture once, Captain Duncan.”

He smelt it — tasted it — smiled benignantly — then said:

“It is inferior — for coffee — but it is pretty fair tea.”

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Re: Комикс поредици в интернет:)))

Post by Xellos » Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:07 pm

Препрочитам си за n-ти път слакуърма, толко да е кют просто... :heart: FWOOSH
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