Комикс поредици в интернет:)))

Литературни критики и възхвали. Всичко, което винаги сте искали да знаете за Даниел Стийл и Нора Робъртс, а ви е било срам да попитате :р

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Re: Комикс поредици в интернет:)))

Post by alshu » Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:52 pm

Да, имаше реклама и откъс вътре в Derelict.
Ще му хвърля едно око, като се натрупа.
"We Interrupt This Program" finds Brandon and Donna working at the college TV station when one of their colleagues, Evan, admits that he's obsessed with (and stalking) Donna. When she doesn't reciprocate his creepy advances, he pulls out a gun and holds everyone hostage! It's like Die Hard, but with worse acting and way more pastel colors.

Evan doesn't want money, or even bearer bonds; he merely wants Donna to go on camera and tell Ameri- sorry, the population of California University, how much she loves him. Which would be much more convincing if he wasn't also on camera pointing a gun at her.

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Re: Комикс поредици в интернет:)))

Post by Xellos » Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:07 pm

Препрочитам си за n-ти път слакуърма, толко да е кют просто... :heart: FWOOSH
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